About Kaye

Studio portraits - Kaye specializes in modern and fine art portraiture.  She has fallen in love with both natural light and strobe studio photography as well as styling, directing and posing her clients in a way that looks natural and comfortable.  She works side by side with a professional makeup artist throughout the shoot, so that every client loves the way the look in all of their portraits.  Through these elements of beautiful light, great posing and professional styling, she truley believes so can create portraits for her clients like they have never had done before. 

Weddings - Kaye and her husband Jon shoot weddings together as a husband and wife team.  Their goal is to capture the beauty of the day to unfold naturally, as moments that real is what they love most!  They offer unobtrusive, documentary style wedding photography, and are passionate about capturing the candid moments.  Kaye and Jon are always keepin an eye out for moments that are happening naturally, whether it's between you and your new husband/wife, your family, bridal party or guests... some of their best photos were taken when the person wasn't even aware that a photo was being taken.