It's more than a headshot...

We believe Personal Branding can literally grow your business

man head shot on grey wall

What Could a Session Mean for you?

People come to me on a regular basis saying they need a headshot.  Just a head shot… nothing fancy.  But I encourage them think not only bigger, but longer term.  There are a plethora of uses for professional images as a business owner.  Not only does a variety of  images make you look established, as well as an expert in your field, they are tools to help you grow your business.  Do you want to do more educational posts?  How about downloadable tips for your ideal customers?  What about product images for brochures and hand outs, or behind the scenes images at your place of business for social media content? The options you have with professional images are endless!


Having a consultation before your session is essential not only to get the visual elements determined before the shoot, but more importantly, the purpose of the images!  Where will they go, what will they be used for, do they need space for text, do you send “thank you’s” to your clients and need an image specifically for that?  There is so much to talk about in this meeting!


Come ready with your outfits and props, and we will do the rest. Many people come into our studio believing they are not “photogenic” but no one is expected to style, pose or direct themselves when they come to us. We do everything for you so that you look magazine ready! 


For those who purchase a personal branding session, Kaye will automatically organize all the photos in your gallery into categories such as website banners, newsletters, social media, download tips, behind the scenes, product images and more, so that you can easily find the types of images you need!